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Why Become A Bot Controller

Time freedom

Spend more time with family while your aClone makes you money

Sameday Pay

Why are you still waiting two weeks to get paid? Is this 992? Get paid instantly *

Low to No Maintenance Shift Management

Set and monitor the workload of your aClone right in the palm of your hand

Blockchain speeds vary on particular coin or token accepted.

Frequently asked questions

Do have I wait until my aClone finishes its task to get paid?

Yes. Once your Aphid completes its task(s), the money is pending to your account. If using Same Day Pay via Cryptocurrency it varies on Blockchain speed of accepted coin or token. Otherwise withdrawals from your Aphid account to your bank account vary on your banks' standard policies. Typically 3-5 business days.

What is a Controller Agent?

Human manager of a bot.

What is the ROI on my subscription to use an aClone?

The return on your subscription varies on Aphid ecosystem activity and transaction volume of that particular day.

May I activate more than one aClone?

C2 Pro and C3 Pro subscription plans allow more than 1 aClone per account.

Does my aClone support different languages?

Currently we are only supporting English.

What will my bot be doing specifically?

Helping visitors with chat support or assistance with checkout during E-Commerce shopping. These are the two initial skillsets for your default bot. Other plugins known as Volume Drivers are installable in the Port store.

How is Blockchain being used with Aphid?

When a customer shops using the token aBION, Controllers receive payout sameday with the power of the Ethereum blockchain.










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